Our Culture

At Anthem, we believe there is an important connection between the health and wellbeing of our consumers and the values we hold. A unified and inclusive culture for our associates is essential to drive a business strategy that will help us meet the needs of those who depend on us.

Our vision, mission and values are clear, purposeful and bold—and they guide our associates’ encounters with one another, our consumers and our business partners.

Icon Energized Work An Energized Workplace


Anthem associates enjoy an energized workplace—an environment that supports excellence, creativity and innovative; encourages transparency; fosters engagement and empathy; and emboldens associates to do the right thing.

In this time of evolution and expansion in the industry and for the company, Anthem is improving lives and communities and making healthcare simpler. Our associates reflect the diversity of the consumers and communities we serve. This creates an environment where our own experiences, perspectives and cultural insights are a source of innovation as we develop creative health-benefit solutions to address the diverse needs of the whole person.

In the changing landscape of healthcare, one thing remains a constant—the consumer is at the center. At Anthem, we strive to ensure that our associates focus on how we can best serve the consumer in everything we do.

Icon Feedback Associate Feedback

To help make Anthem a great place to work, we regularly survey our associates to assess their engagement and identify areas for improvement, including job roles, benefits and the workplace climate. Based on the insights we gain, Anthem’s leaders build action plans and share them with associates at town halls and team meetings.

Engagement Surveys

Anthem’s engagement surveys gather feedback from all associates about important aspects of our company, including job roles, benefits and the workplace climate. The chart below shows survey results from 2018 and 2019, which showed year-over-year improvement in our Satisfaction & Commitment Index.

Great Place to Work®

In 2020, Anthem’s listening strategy was expanded to include participation in the Great Place to Work survey. To ensure that the results reflected the views of all Anthem associates, a normalized survey population was identified by applying representative sampling across appropriate demographics. At Anthem, 2,020 associates took part in the survey and we received first-year certification as a Great Place to Work.

Icon Feedback Associate Experience

We understand that it is important to listen to our associates to ensure that their needs and concerns are being addressed. Through our innovative, patent-pending Vitals associate engagement platform, Anthem was able to account daily for associates’ perspectives when designing internal initiatives to respond to COVID-19 and social unrest. In 2020, Anthem associates shared more than 72,000 comments and more than 370,000 sentiment submissions on Anthem’s always-listening digital Vitals application.

Icon Innovation Associate Recognition

In Anthem’s culture, we recognize one another for great performance and results. We appreciate everything, from little victories to big achievements, celebrating as we boldly live our values every day. The IMPACT Recognition program is designed to give all associates and managers a variety of meaningful ways to recognize each other, tying those moments of recognition to Anthem’s leadership behaviors: Lead with Purpose and Heart, Innovate for All Stakeholders, Partner to Win, Inspire a High-Performance Culture, and Promote Talent Excellence. In 2020, we celebrated more than 130,000 associate-recognition moments.