Material Aspects

Sustainability reporting helps organizations set goals, measure performance and manage change in order to have the greatest impact and make their operations more economically, environmentally and socially responsible.

Icon Public Our Process

At the core of Anthem’s reporting efforts are the drive to understand the issues that matter most to our stakeholders and the commitment to convey our actions clearly. Transparency is key as we consider the material* aspects of our business operations.

To better understand which issues are most important to our internal and external stakeholders, we follow an ongoing assessment process, which includes:

  • Measurement against sector environmental, social and governance (ES&G) performance benchmarks, including the SAM Corporate Sustainability Assessment
  • Review of the United Nations Global Compact Principles and Sustainable Development Goals
  • Review of data points, guidance and feedback from third-party ES&G rating agencies and reporting frameworks, including the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board
  • Review of data points from the JUST 100 survey, which is informed by public opinion research—a critical resource, given that Anthem serves more than 110 million people
  • Direct engagement with the stakeholder groups listed below

Our Stakeholders

Health-Plan Customers
In-person interactions, focus groups, 24/7 customer relations hotline, consumer effort surveys, social media, websites, annual reporting, mail/email, Sydney Health mobile app, LiveHealth Online®, 24/7 NurseLine
Employer Clients
Anthem Customer Advisory Group, meetings, surveys, responses to disclosure requests, websites, corporate wellness programs
Engagement surveys, Pulse (Anthem intranet), CEO town halls, training and professional development opportunities, associate resource groups, community giving/volunteer opportunities tracked via Anthem for Good, performance management, 24/7 ethics line
Investors and Shareholders
Annual reporting, annual shareholder meeting, quarterly earnings calls, investor outreach, investor relations website, phone briefings, email correspondence, healthcare investor conferences, active responses to third-party ES&G surveys/ratings
Suppliers and Healthcare Providers
Briefings and meetings, conferences and industry events, email correspondence, supplier code of conduct, ES&G screenings, training and workshops, scorecards, 24/7 ethics/compliance/privacy helpline
Government and Regulators
Briefings and meetings, email correspondence, white papers and other briefing materials, trade organizations, participation in coalitions, roundtable discussions, public events, speaking engagements, conferences, media engagements
Communities and NGOs
Funding applications, conferences, roundtables, strategic relationships, participation on boards and advisory councils, attendance at annual meetings, webinars, financial support, volunteer efforts, research and data sharing

Significant Topics

Topics identified by our stakeholders as being most material to Anthem include:

Quality. Achieving better health outcomes.

Affordability. Reducing the total cost of care.

Privacy. Safeguarding confidential information.

Access. Making healthcare more accessible.

Community Health. Addressing public health issues and disparities.

Talent, Culture and Wellbeing. Ensuring a diverse workplace where all associates can thrive.

Corporate Governance. Achieving business excellence with financial integrity and operational control.

Ethics & Compliance. Conducting business with integrity, transparency and accountability.

Supply-Chain Management. Managing environmental and social impacts and risks across our supply chain.

Climate & Environmental Health. Improving the sustainability of our operations and business activities.

United Nations Global Compact

The United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) is a strategic initiative that helps companies align their business activities and strategies with sustainable and socially responsible policies and report on their implementation.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

As part of our commitment to the UNGC, we have identified seven United Nations SDGs that offer the greatest opportunity for impact given their relevance to our business. Going forward, we will expand our corporate responsibility reporting to include information that explains our performance and our progress toward achieving these goals.

*The word “material” is specific to ES&G reporting as defined by the Global Reporting Initiative and not as defined by the Securities and Exchange Commission under securities laws