Inclusion & Diversity

Anthem’s commitment to inclusion and diversity makes us a stronger organization, and helps us realize our mission to improve the lives of people and the health of communities.

The diverse insights and experiences of our associates allow us to understand and connect with consumers from all backgrounds. These, combined with a respectful environment where all ideas are welcome, propel the innovative healthcare solutions we seek.

Icon Associate Resource Group Our Diverse Workforce

Diversity is one of five Anthem values. We continue to build on our strong foundation of inclusion and diversity, and we live this value by opening our hearts and minds.

At Anthem we expect our leaders and associates to champion diversity and to foster an inclusive and trusting environment. We recognize the importance in our organization of open dialogue about race, diversity and equity, and we continue to make it a priority to promote awareness and empower our associates and communities.

We encourage diverse perspectives and provide feedback and coaching to help our associates learn, grow and develop every day. Our diversity is a critical factor in building our high-performance culture, innovating for all stakeholders and delivering superior results.

Icon Associate Resource Group Associate Resource Groups

Image Our Nine Associate GroupMore than 11,500 associates and 25 percent of our leaders participate in at least one of our nine associate resource groups (ARGs). These groups offer their members meaningful opportunities to connect, collaborate and grow. ARG participants contribute cultural and personal insights to Anthem’s business initiatives and help us cultivate deeper ties with our communities through volunteering, outreach and other forms of community engagement. Anthem’s ARGs are:

ABLE • Disability Inclusion Network

ACE • Asians Committed to Excellence

APEX • African American Professional Exchange

MERGE • Multigenerational ARG

PRIDE • Promoting Respect, Individuality, Diversity & Equality

SOMOS • Hispanic/Latino ARG

VOA • Veterans of Anthem

W@VE • Working @ Anthem in a Virtual Environment

WIN • Women’s Inspired Network

Icon Inclusion Building an Inclusive Culture

Cultural Competency

As the demographics of our country and our consumers continue to change, we expect our associates to perform their roles in a culturally competent way.

Today, “Becoming Culturally Competent,” an eLearning program about how cultural backgrounds and diversity of experiences affect the needs and expectations of our healthcare consumers, is required training for all new associates.

Transgender Inclusion

We educate associates and leaders about inclusive ways to make transgender associates and members feel respected and valued at Anthem, from practices that facilitate gender transition in the workplace to programs that raise transgender healthcare awareness.

It’s particularly important that associates who interact with transgender consumers do it in a thoughtful and caring way. We offer training that was developed in partnership with transgender members of our PRIDE associate resource group.

Icon Equity Pay Equity

Anthem’s commitment to offering all associates an inclusive environment and equitable opportunities to develop their careers and advance in our organization extends to our compensation philosophy and pay practices. The roles our associates play and their performance, experience and geographic location—not gender or ethnicity—are what drive our compensation programs.

Anthem’s being a leader in inclusion and diversity requires our sustained commitment and the willingness to challenge ourselves continually to find ways to improve. We are committed to pay equity for all associates. In 2020, we partnered with a third party to conduct a complex gender and race pay-equity analysis. It confirmed that the roles our associates play and their performance, experience and geographic location are the main predictors of pay. After accounting for factors such as age, performance rating and level of education, the analysis found that pay for females and people of color is within 1 percent of that awarded their male and white counterparts. To prevent unexplained pay gaps and ensure that we remain a champion of pay equity for all associates, we will continue to monitor our pay practices and diligently address any cases that cannot be explained by objective factors.

Icon Talent Attracting Diverse Talent

Image Talent SearchTo support Anthem’s commitment to hiring a diverse workforce, we partner with external organizations, colleges and universities, our nine internal associate resource groups and other internal associates to recruit, retain and develop top talent.

Talent Acquisition

Anthem’s Talent Acquisition team uses a variety of resources to attract a diverse pool of candidates. Throughout the year, we attend career events, work with professional organizations such as the Professional Diversity Network, post our positions on diversity job boards, participate in career conferences and visit a wide array of colleges and universities. We leverage advanced artificial-intelligence technologies to mitigate biases from the screening process and ensure that the selection is based solely on the applicant’s merits.

Our nine associate resource groups actively participate in Anthem’s associate referral programs and targeted career events, helping us source, attract and refer diverse talent.

Internships and College Recruitment

Anthem is developing a talent pipeline that reflects the communities we serve. We partner with key colleges and universities with significant diversity enrollment to find and recruit students via career fairs, company presentations and on-campus interviews. We have provided scholarship monies to students at historically black colleges and universities.

Our Sales Diversity Internship Program (SDIP) focuses on improving the racial diversity of our workforce by offering students experiences that will help them develop critical sales skills. Since it began in 2012, SDIP has hosted 41 ethnically diverse interns and hired 16 for full-time positions.

In 2015, Anthem joined the United Negro College Fund Corporate Scholar Program in providing scholarships, internships and mentoring for rising college juniors, seniors and graduate students from various cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Anthem has already awarded 15 academic scholarships and has offered SDIP internships to 12 students.

Anthem recently launched an internship program to further develop a pipeline of talent that includes individuals with disabilities. The inaugural group of interns includes 13 graduate and undergraduate students. Aided by mentors, these interns have completed an 11-week internship that features a developmental curriculum focused on critical skills for those beginning their careers.

Veterans and People with Disabilities

Anthem continues to focus on recruitment, retention and collaboration with organizations that promote employment efforts for veterans and individuals with disabilities. Our inclusive culture focuses on our associates’ abilities and the contributions all of us can make to transforming healthcare, and we’ve been recognized for our efforts in this area.

We partner with such organizations as RecruitMilitary, DisabilityIN and the National Organization on Disabilities. Anthem is a founding member of the Disability Equality Index, a joint initiative of DisabilityIN and the American Association of People with Disabilities.

Anthem supports the National Advisory Board on Improving Health Care Services for Older Adults and People with Disabilities—a group composed of distinguished and culturally diverse community advocates, healthcare experts and academics who provide guidance and policy recommendations for improving services for older adults and individuals with disabilities.

Our Disability Policy Engagement Team leads an enterprise-wide advocacy strategy that advances and elevates the experiences and preferences of individuals with disabilities, older adults and children, as well as youth and young adults supported through foster care, adoption and juvenile-justice programs. It also works closely with consumers, advocates and stakeholders to ensure that the diverse needs and preferences of these communities are reflected in Anthem programs, coverage options and other healthcare services.