Health Literacy

Research shows that many Americans have trouble understanding and using health information. Patients with limited health literacy have more-frequent hospital admissions than others,1 and use emergency services more often. 2 They also struggle to navigate the healthcare system effectively. Anthem is empowering consumers to become better healthcare consumers through education, tools and resources.

Icon Research Simplifying Communications

Image Class We strive to make it easy for our customers to understand information, even when it is complicated, by using simple, clear language. To help us accomplish this, we provide health literacy training and access to resources to help Anthem associates make their communications, both spoken and written, easier to understand through programs likes Anthem’s Plain Language initiative. Beyond simplifying communications, we also incorporate best practices to create easy-to-understand and culturally appropriate materials for our diverse customer membership.

Icon Bilingual Bilingual Customer Support

Image Call Center Anthem bilingual customer-service support team serves an increasing number of Spanish-speaking consumers. All Anthem associates complete cultural-competency training and are dedicated to delivering a seamless customer experience that takes into consideration the roles that cultural traditions, beliefs and values play in healthcare decisions.

Icon Edu Members Educating Consumers

Anthem is committed to providing healthcare information that is clear and understandable for all of our consumers. This effort includes linguistically and culturally appropriate consumer materials, as well as style guidelines for multicultural and Spanish-speaking audiences.

Icon Public Educating the Public

Anthem maintains a constant focus on health literacy. We actively listen to our consumers, work to understand their perspectives and use their feedback to provide the information they need—in simple, clear language they understand. We also seek opportunities to share our health literacy efforts, best practices and lessons learned with others in the healthcare profession and beyond.

1 Claire Senot and Aravind Chandrasekaran, What Has the Biggest Impact on Hospital Readmission Rates, Harvard Business Review, (September 23, 2015).

2 Low health literacy is associated with preventable emergency department visits, Society for Academic Emergency Medicine, (August 31, 2017).