Ethics & Integrity

Integrity is the foundation of everything we do at Anthem and is fundamental to building a stronger, better company and to delivering outstanding service. We are committed to promoting a culture centered on trust and accountability while helping the business achieve its strategic goals and objectives. “Doing the right thing” is a fundamental part of our culture.

Icon Goals Our Goals

  • Ensure that Anthem has a highly effective ethics, compliance and privacy program.
  • Help Anthem foster and leverage ethics, compliance and privacy as a differentiator and competitive advantage.
  • Be a trusted and valued partner to associates, the business and our regulators.
  • Identify best practices and effectively integrate prioritized processes.

Icon Comprehensive A Comprehensive Approach

Anthem’s Ethics, Compliance and Privacy Plan

Anthem’s Ethics, Compliance and Privacy Plan serves as the blueprint for Anthem’s Ethics, Compliance and Privacy Program to ensure we have an effective program and culture that prevents, detects, and resolves issues of non-compliance. The Plan sets forth the principles, policies and procedures on how Anthem associates are empowered to perform their jobs in an ethical and compliant manner, identify potential compliance issues and report suspected or known non-compliance.

Improved Reporting for Leadership and the Audit Committee

In 2017, we continued to refine, simplify and enhance the Ethics, Compliance and Privacy information and reports we provide to leadership and the Audit Committee. By improving our reporting to each leader, we empowered them to own and integrate ethics and compliance into their organizations and business plans. This has the added benefit of allowing them to effectuate change and allocate resources within their teams to further improve Anthem’s ethics, compliance and privacy program.

Critical Program Components Monitored In One System

We recently adopted a centralized risk and compliance software solution. This tool empowers and improves Anthem’s ability to effectively monitor, track and trend regulatory exams, audits and mandates across the entire organization. This tool has enhanced Anthem’s ability to prevent, detect and respond to regulatory and operational risks and issues, thereby improving the effectiveness of Anthem’s Ethics, Compliance and Privacy program.

Compliance Risk Management

We continue to advance and improve our program so that we are proactively identifying and mitigating ethics, compliance and privacy risks. A key driver of this change was our adoption of a common risk ranking and tracking tool. This tool allows Anthem to track, aggregate, monitor and trend the most significant ethics, compliance and privacy risks across all business lines, and proactively implement risk mitigation plans.

Inquiries and Investigations

At Anthem, we recognize that our associates are our most valuable resource and that they play the most critical role in making our Ethics, Compliance and Privacy program successful. That is why we consistently look for ways to empower associates to identify and report ethics, compliance and privacy concerns, and to ensure associates are rewarded and recognized for doing the right thing. This is fundamental to our program and culture. We recently made a strategic investment to further improve one of the tools associates use to confidentially and anonymously report ethics and compliance concerns. We recently retained the services of an independent company to serve as the intake manager for Anthem’s Ethics and Compliance HelpLine. With this change, associates can talk to with someone anytime about their concerns (it is staffed 24hours / 7 days a week / 365 days per year). With this change, we also increased the ways associates can report concerns by adding a confidential and anonymous on-line form that can be accessed from any mobile device. While Anthem’s Ethics team is responsible for answer the questions and handle the investigations that result from these calls, the answering of the HelpLine by an external company removes any perception that may have existed that reports may not always be anonymous. Anthem is committed and accountable for rapidly responding to every inquiry and investigation, and we measure our performance and benchmark against other companies to help ensure we have an effective program.

Icon associates Our Associates

One of our primary goals is to foster a culture centered on trust and accountability, in which all associates “do the right thing” each day for our company, consumers and business partners. This means each associate has the tools needed to act ethically and be compliant with every decision.

All associates are expected to read Anthem’s Standards of Ethical Business Conduct, a valuable guide to ethical decision-making, covering issues that may arise with fellow associates, consumers, customers, vendors, competitors and the general public. Associates are expected to report suspected violations and to cooperate in company investigations. Anthem takes all reports seriously, and retaliation for good-faith reporting is strictly prohibited.

Anthem Standards of Ethical Business Conduct