Environmental Data

Anthem’s dedication to environmental sustainability focuses on assessing and reducing the direct and indirect impacts of everything we do. Since establishing our goals, we have made measurable progress in our focus areas of energy and climate, water and use of materials.

Icon Environmental Energy & Climate

Greenhouse Gas Reduction: Scope I and II CO2e in Metric Tons per 1000 Square Feet
Image Greenhouse Gas
Greenhouse Gas Footprint: Scope I, II and III CO2e in Metric Tons
Image Greenhouse Gas

Note: These numbers are self-reported and 2020 greenhouse gas emissions accounting is still undergoing 3rd party assurance.

Energy Consumption in Operations
in MWh
2020 2019 2018
Total energy consumption* 275,127 292,530 282,506
Electricity consumption (as a portion of total energy) 217,139 226,443 227,477
Renewable energy generation 8,010 - -
Percent of renewable energy 3% - -
Percent of renewable electricity 4% - -

*Electricity, natural gas, stationary distillate fuel oil, motor vehicle gas

Energy Efficiency

As part of Anthem’s environmental policy and commitments, which include support for ENERGY STAR® and the U.S. Department of Energy’s Better Buildings initiative, we invest in energy- and water-efficiency projects and track the performance of our larger, self-managed locations. Approximately half of Anthem’s real estate portfolio is self-managed, and the efficiency program has saved over $10 million since baseline year 2013. Buildings with an ENERGY STAR score of 75 or higher are eligible for certification. Anthem’s average score for 2019 was 84.

Energy Star Score
2013 2019 +/-
Energy Star LEED Fitwel
Atlanta, GA
NA In progress
Cerritos, CA
NA 71 NA
No No No
Cincinnati, OH
NA 86 NA
Yes Yes Yes
Columbus, GA
NA 84 NA
Yes No Yes
Denver, CO
52 75 +23
Yes No Yes
Harrisonburg, VA
NA 96 NA
Yes Yes NA
Indianapolis, IN
61 71 +10
No Yes Yes
Las Vegas, NV
NA 80 NA
Yes Yes Yes
Louisville, KY
64 71 +7
No No Yes
Mason, OH
76 90 +14
Yes No Yes
Norfolk, VA
72 86 +14
Yes Yes Yes
Richmond, VA
52 87 +35
Yes No Yes
Roanoke, VA
50 84 +34
Yes Yes Yes
So Portland, ME
49 90 +41
Yes No Yes
St. Louis, MO
45 72 +27
No No No
VA Beach, VA
75 86 +11
Yes No Yes
Waukesha, WI
69 90 +21
Yes No N0

Note: Due to COVID-19 and the resulting irregularities in office use from an occupancy and consumption standpoint, we are not reporting 2020 Energy Star scores. We will resume sharing scores for the next calendar year we have the most consistent office use and therefore energy data.

Icon Water Conservation Water

Water Intensity KGal per 1000 Square Feet
Image Water Intensity
Water Usage KGal per 1000 Square Feet
Image Water Intensity

Note: This data applies to retail clinics and self-managed Anthem offices. In 2020, the total square footage of both was approximately 6.4 million.

Icon Material Management Materials Management

Materials Management
in Tons, Except Diversion Rate
2020 2019 2018
Disposed Waste 714 1,909 1,794
Mixed Recycled Materials 771 1,984 2,101
Electronic Recycled Materials 123 173 132
Composted Materials 380 483 515
Diversion Rate 64% 58% 61%

Note: This data applies to select self-managed Anthem offices. In 2020, the total square footage was approximately 4.4 million.