Talent Development

Being an industry leader requires innovation and continuous learning. There is no standing still in a fast-changing industry such as ours.

Anthem offers individual, career and leadership development opportunities so employees can continually strengthen skills and prepare for future growth. We encourage employees to become better at what they are doing now, expand knowledge “sideways” into other areas, and acquire new skills.

Icon Investment Our Commitment

In 2017, Anthem invested a significant amount in human capital development, averaging 25.5 hours of training and development per employee.

2015 2016 2017
Average Hours/Employees Trained 21.4 hours 24.6 hours 25.5 hours
Total Consumption Hours 1,524,843 1,696,411* 1,850,726

*The total Consumption Hours increased by eight percent over the same period last year. This is primarily attributed to increased new hire training across our Commercial Specialty Business Division (Member Experience) and Government Business Division (Medicaid and Medicare) and new programs such as CARE Service Model, One Anthem Essentials training, and the InterPlan Compliance suite. CARE supports our vision to create a culture of coaching and improving member experiences and stands for Connect with the Customer on a personal level and show genuine interest, Always communicate with confidence & knowledge, Resolve the inquiry by taking responsibility and presenting solutions, and End with a lasting impression.

Icon Performance Performance Management

Anthem’s Performance Management Program engages and motivates employees by setting clear goals to enhance organizational success and personal growth. Our enterprise-wide program consists of annual goal setting, quarterly check-ins, and the year-end performance evaluation process—with feedback discussions as the foundation for each component of the program. Frequent, real-time feedback is the “secret sauce” that ensures transparency, empowerment, and improved performance.

Performance management at Anthem ensures that all employees know what is expected of them and how they are performing, supported by managers who provide coaching, recognition, feedback, and rewards for the employees’ contributions. This helps our employees deliver results that meet or exceed expectations, and enables our businesses to perform at a consistently high level.

Icon Learning Anthem Learning Network

From the moment people join Anthem, they have access to tools and resources that support their professional development. New employees complete an orientation program, which includes a course called “The Cultural Experience” that introduces them to Anthem’s values and behaviors and underscores are focus on the consumer. And for many employees, job-specific training is provided.

The Anthem Learning Network (ALN) offers employees access to 10,000+ development resources that support their career aspirations. ALN also includes the courses required to prepare for 100+ certifications, as well as those that qualify for continuing education credit to support a variety of licenses—all free of charge. In 2016, over 550 employees earned professional certifications.

Icon Leadership Leadership Programs

Image Leaders

At Anthem, leadership development is a business imperative that is critical to our success. We offer programs to help employees excel in their current management positions and prepare for their next roles. The programs provide a clear foundation for career progression and increased visibility within the Anthem leadership pipeline.

Aspiring Leadership Fundamentals

Participants in this program learn the skills needed to move from self-management to leadership of others.

Front-Line Leadership Fundamentals

This program provides participants with opportunities to refine and develop their leadership skills in line with Anthem’s progressive view of how our values are manifested as we take on increased leadership roles.

The Leadership Fundamentals programs were launched in 2015, and as of December 31, 2016, 572 Anthem employees had graduated.

Leadership Pipeline Programs

These nomination-based programs are designed to develop our highest-potential leaders for the next level of responsibility. The programs vary in length from 12 to 18 months and prepare leaders for the advanced business challenges they face as they progress to higher leadership roles.

Executive Preparation. This program offers focused development and organizational exposure for key executive successors to better equip them for handling today’s toughest business challenges while embracing opportunities for long-term success.

Winning Leader. Targeted development is offered in these programs for directors, readying them to assume strategic leadership positions where they will need to translate organizational strategy into operational execution and excellence.

Emerging Leader. This program features business-focused development for managers and professional employees to better equip them for increased leadership responsibility, moving from managing themselves and others to strategic leadership positions.

SOAR. Strategic development and organizational exposure is provided by SOAR for diverse managers and professional employees to build their leadership effectiveness.

Future Leader. This program offers foundational management development for individual contributors that prepares them to move from self-management to managing and developing others.

Below are the overall rates of mobility for employee participants in each program since their inception:

Program Years in Existence Overall Mobility
Executive Preparation 10 63%
Winning Leader 4 56%
Emerging Leader 6 68%
SOAR 3 38%
Future Leader 3 57%

Icon Coaching Executive Coaching

Anthem appreciates the benefits of executive coaching, and has dedicated professional staff members who are responsible for successful implementation. We employ certified coaches with extensive experience in talent development. Anthem uses a three-pronged approach: 1) an active pool of internal coaches; 2) strong relationships with external coaches; and 3) the development of coaching skills for managers in business units. We are committed to strengthening the coaching capabilities of all managers across Anthem to support a high-performing organization focused on serving those who depend on us.

Icon College College Resources and Support

Anthem supports our employees’ development with access to professional certification and continuing-education programs. An employee can receive up to $5,000 in tax-free reimbursement each year to cover the cost of tuition, required fees, and textbooks at an accredited institution.

To help employees obtain college degrees, Anthem has partnered with the nonprofit, fully accredited College for America, designed for working people. This online, competency-based education program allows students to demonstrate skills and knowledge by completing work-related projects at their own pace. For only $3,000 per year, an employee can earn a college degree that is 100% covered by Anthem’s education assistance benefit with no out-of-pocket costs. Since the College for America program launched nationwide in June 2015, enrollment has remained steady, with an average of 1,200 active students a month. Since launching, 225 employees have earned college degrees through the College for America program.