Diversity & Inclusion

Anthem’s commitment to diversity and inclusion makes us a stronger organization. Our culture is essential to attracting talent that understands and connects with our consumers. It creates spaces where different perspectives and experiences are valued, lets us develop innovative thinking, and unifies our employees behind our shared purpose—to deliver trusted and caring solutions to the evolving healthcare needs of our communities.

Icon Associate Resource Group Associate Resource Groups

Image Our Nine Associate GroupOur nine associate resource groups (ARGs) gather employees from every corner of our organization to connect, collaborate, and grow—providing cultural insight into business initiatives and solutions, and helping Anthem cultivate deep ties with our communities.

ABLE • Disability Inclusion Network

ACE • Asians Committed to Excellence

APEX • African American Professional Exchange

HYPE • Healthcare: Your Professional Exchange

PRIDE • Promoting Respect, Individuality, Diversity & Equality

SOMOS • Hispanic/Latino ARG

VOA • Veterans of Anthem

WIN • Women’s Inspired Network

W@VE • Working @ Anthem in a Virtual Environment

Icon Diverse Leaders Diverse and Inclusive Leaders

We are proud of the tremendous progress we’ve made in creating a culture that embraces and values diversity of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. Our sustained commitment to these values has garnered external recognition that highlights our accomplishments in such areas as employment of veterans and people with disabilities, inclusive environments for LGBTQ employees, and advancement opportunities for women and minorities.

These external acknowledgements inspire us to continue our efforts to diversify at all levels, particularly among top leadership, and to implement inclusive management practices that refine our approach to hiring, developing, and retaining leaders who represent the diversity of our communities and our consumers.

Icon Inclusion Building an Inclusive Culture

Unconscious-Bias Education

There’s substantial research showing the impact of unconscious bias in decisions that affect people in the workplace. In 2017, we launched “Decide: The Neuroscience of Breaking Bias,” an immersion eLearning that helps leaders identify, label, and mitigate workplace bias. This program is the first step toward enhancing our existing talent-management decision-making process in order to make more-effective decisions based on relevant data.

Cultural Competency

As the demographics of our country and our consumers continue to change, we expect our employees to perform their roles in a culturally competent way.

In 2015, almost all Anthem employees have completed “Becoming Culturally Competent,” an eLearning program designed to educate about how cultural backgrounds and diversity of experiences affect the needs and expectations of our healthcare consumers. All new employees take this training when joining our organization.

Transgender Inclusion

We educate employees and leaders about transgender inclusion—from practices that facilitate gender transition in the workplace to transgender healthcare awareness. This equips employees to interact with transgender colleagues and consumers in a culturally competent way. This course was developed in partnership with transgender employees who form part of our PRIDE employee resource group (ARG).

Icon Equity Pay Equity

Anthem’s commitment to offering all employees an inclusive environment and equitable opportunities to develop their careers and advance in our organization extends to our compensation philosophy and pay practices. The roles our employees hold and their demonstrated performance, experience, and geographic location—not gender or ethnicity—are the primary drivers of our compensation programs.

Being a leader in diversity and inclusion is a result of a sustained commitment and our willingness to challenge ourselves continually to look for ways to improve. We recently partnered with an independent third party to conduct a complex gender pay equity analysis that confirmed that, overall, the factors noted above are the main predictors of annual pay at Anthem. To prevent unexplained pay gaps and ensure that Anthem remains a champion of pay equity for all employees, we will continue to monitor our pay practices and will diligently address any cases that may not be explained by objective factors.

Icon Talent Attracting Diverse Talent

Image Talent SearchIn line with Anthem’s commitment to hiring a diverse workforce, we partner with external organizations, colleges and universities, our nine internal employee resource groups, and other internal employees to recruit, retain, and develop top talent.

Talent Acquisition

Anthem’s Talent Acquisition team uses a variety of resources to reach out to a diverse pool of candidates. Throughout the year, we attend career events, work with professional organizations, post our positions on diversity job boards, participate in career conferences, and visit a wide array of colleges and universities.

Our nine associate resource groups (ARGs) actively collaborate with Talent Acquisition and participate in targeted career events, providing insight to recruiters and managers. To help solidify our partnership with our ARGs, we have enhanced our Employee Referral Program so we can better facilitate conversations about referring candidates for a diverse workforce. Our Diversity Recruitment team provides consistent collaboration with these internal groups.

College Recruitment

Through our internship program and the targeted hiring of new graduates, we are able to deepen diversity in our organization. We have strategically partnered with key colleges and universities to source and recruit students via career fairs, company presentations, and on-campus interviews. We promote opportunities and maintain a visible presence on diversity websites such as Career Opportunities for Students with Disabilities.

Veterans and People with Disabilities

Anthem continues to focus on recruitment, retention, and collaboration with organizations that promote employment efforts for veterans and individuals with disabilities. We offer our employees an inclusive culture that focuses on our abilities and the contributions all of us can make to transforming healthcare. A number of organizations have recognized Anthem’s efforts in this area.

We also partner with such organizations as the U.S. Business Leadership Network (USBLN), the American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD), and the National Organization on Disabilities. Anthem is a founding member of the Disability Equality Index, a joint initiative of the USBLN and the AAPD.