Disaster Relief

When disaster strikes, Anthem and the Anthem Foundation are committed to providing an appropriate and thoughtful response, particularly in communities where our employees and consumers may be directly affected.

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Disasters have many repercussions for employees and their families, including increased stress, emotional concerns, and financial strain. Through our Employee Assistance Program, trained counselors are available to employees and their family members who are dealing with disasters. This confidential program offers assessments, short-term counseling sessions, and referrals to services for those in stressful circumstances.

Anthem and our employees care about making a difference in people’s lives. To foster that spirit of caring, Anthem introduced the Anthem Cares Fund that encourages employees to offer and find financial support during difficult times of personal hardship or natural disasters. This fund allows employees to provide one another assistance in times of need.

Including several destructive hurricanes, fall 2017 was a devastating time for many Americans facing natural disasters and tragedies. Through the Anthem Foundation’s disaster relief giving portal, including a special 2:1 matching campaign, our employees stepped up to raise nearly $800,000 to support their communities and colleagues.

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For Anthem, the well-being of our consumers remains top of mind. The Anthem Member Disaster Preparation team was formed to establish how we will respond in the event of a disaster affecting Anthem consumers. The team’s objective is to ensure that those consumers receive appropriate care and continuation of benefits.

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When it comes to disaster relief efforts, we believe that the best approach is proactive. That’s why Anthem is a proud member of the American Red Cross’ Annual Disaster Giving Program (ADGP). A $1 million–level partner, Anthem joins fellow ADGP consumers to help provide a reliable funding base for disaster relief services. These funds enable the Red Cross to respond immediately to disasters anywhere in the United States, regardless of cost. Our support is helping the Red Cross take action right now.

The Anthem Foundation diversifies its disaster-relief efforts through a grant to Portlight Strategies, Inc., an information hub for those with disabilities during and after natural disasters, as well as a significant resource for the American Red Cross. The grant aims to foster the self-determination of people with disabilities.

Finally, through our employee engagement programs, Anthem encourages and augments the efforts of employees who want to contribute to disaster relief in their communities or the communities we serve. From organized blood drives at offices across the country to emergency preparedness training, disaster-relief efforts receive our employees’ time, energy and resources year-round.