Multicultural Health Care

Anthem’s commitment to meeting the needs of our diverse customers drives our understanding that more voices and different perspectives in decision making lead to better solutions for our members. Delivering relevant programs demonstrates our ongoing approach and corporate responsibility to addressing the diverse needs of those who rely on us for access to health benefits and services.

Certain diverse populations have a harder time navigating or using the health care system effectively and efficiently. This can result in lower quality, excess costs, poorer health outcomes, and disparities. With the significant demographic changes in the U.S. population, promoting health equity and addressing health disparities are critical.

Anthem’s Multicultural Health Programs team of health professionals helps to identify and address health disparities through evidence-based research, robust analytics and program design, innovative strategies, and caring solutions.

Anthem’s bilingual customer service support team serves an increasing number of Spanish-speaking members. All Anthem associates complete cultural competency training and are dedicated to delivering a seamless customer experience that takes into consideration the role cultural traditions, beliefs, and values play in health care decisions.

With more than 50,000 associates, Anthem is invested in the health and well-being of the diverse communities in which we live and work. Through education and support, our associates’ participation in local community events—such as neighborhood activities and community health fairs—is improving the health and quality of life of our communities.