Diversity & Inclusion

Anthem’s commitment to diversity and inclusion brings us closer to our customers, members, providers, and business partners so we can continue to deliver trusted and caring solutions to the evolving health care needs of our communities.

The diversity of our associates make us stronger as an organization. With their different experiences and backgrounds, our talented associates amplify our ability to be innovative, relevant, and sensitive to what our customers need, prefer, and look for in health care. Our unified and inclusive culture encourages associates to contribute their unique ideas and perspectives in a collaborative environment. By doing so, we can develop products and services that improve the lives of our customers and the health and wellness of our communities.

Associate Resource Groups

Our nine associate resource groups (ARGs) help us foster an inclusive and collaborative culture, where all Anthem associates feel welcomed and respected and where their unique perspectives and experiences help us develop and deliver trusted and caring health care solutions.


Abilities Beyond Limited Expectations »

Abilities Beyond Limited Expectations (ABLE) engages associates throughout the organization to foster a culture of ability, where the emphasis is on the strengths and talents we all bring to the organization.

ABLE welcomes associates with disabilities, parents of children with disabilities, and others who want to contribute actively to a disability-inclusive workplace. It provides unique insight and expertise to initiatives for hiring, retaining, and developing people with disabilities. For example, ABLE members have developed and delivered sessions about disability awareness and etiquette, and the group helped create an online course, “Building a Culture of Abilities,” aimed at educating hiring managers and recruiters as well as all Anthem associates. ABLE also supported the implementation of a PeopleSoft self-reporting tool that allows associates to report disabilities at any time during their employment.

The group’s members are involved in business initiatives designed to enhance website accessibility and facilitate access to Anthem’s products and services. This ARG has been tapped to collaborate with the National Advisory Board, an advocacy organization that works with Anthem’s affiliate Amerigroup, on improving health care and support services for millions of seniors and people with disabilities—people who struggle to navigate the complexities of health care and long-term services and support.

ABLE also strengthens our Life & Disability business by actively promoting Anthem’s partnership with such organizations as the Wounded Warrior Disabled Sports Project and Disabled Sports USA.

Asians Committed to Excellence »

ACE, our Asian associate resource group, was formed to help Anthem establish itself as an employer of choice for Asians and Asian Americans and as the preferred health care benefits choice for the Asian American community.

With members who represent several different ethnic groups, ACE works to promote and leverage the diversity and strengths of Anthem’s Asian and Asian American associates in support of the company’s mission and values.

Its activities are focused on establishing an enterprise network for associates to exchange ideas relating to Asian and Asian American cultures, facilitating professional and leadership development discussions, and supporting our multicultural marketing and cultural competence strategies.

Recently, ACE engaged associates with understanding of the Vietnamese culture and language in supporting business efforts to provide enhanced services to new customers enrolled in our plans.

Through celebrations during May—Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month—and ongoing communications, ACE educates associates about different aspects of Asian cultures. It also represents Anthem as a sponsor of the Asian American Federation, which is undertaking a national report examining the changes in demographics and socioeconomic status of Asian American children.

Associate Network for Gay and Lesbian Equality »

ANGLE’s goal is for Anthem to be recognized as a premier employer and trusted health care benefits choice for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community and its allies.

ANGLE was founded in 2008 to engage LGBT associates and allies in raising awareness and understanding of LGBT inclusion issues, health care disparities, and untapped opportunities in the marketplace. ANGLE champions initiatives aimed at attracting and retaining LGBT associates and at educating senior leaders, associates, and providers about issues relevant to the LGBT community.

With the help of ANGLE, Anthem launched the Safe Space Program, which promotes the inclusion of all associates regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity by enlisting the support of LGBT allies. The group also provided insight for the development of Gender Transition Guidelines and Training to support associates transitioning in the workplace and their managers and colleagues.

ANGLE has recently been involved in the design of educational programs to help providers better understand health care needs and disparities affecting the LGBT community.

African-American Associate Network »

APEX focuses on providing associates with tools, experiences, and resources in order to increase African American representation in our leadership ranks, as well as on helping Anthem create the best health care value for African American consumers.

Offering its members knowledge and resources that can help them further their careers is at the center of APEX’s mission. The group holds periodic professional development sessions focused on career paths, leadership competencies, mentoring, advancement, social media, and skill growth.

APEX is committed to paving the way for future generations. For example, this ARG championed a four-year mentoring program targeted at high school students at the Crispus Attucks Medical Magnet High School in Indianapolis. Through interaction with Anthem leaders and developmental activities, the program focused on increasing the students’ understanding of the health care industry and on preparing them for college and the professional environment.

Healthcare Young Professional Exchange »

HYPE wants Anthem to be recognized as one of the best places to launch a career.

This group helps associates navigate our multigenerational workplace while leveraging the energy, drive, and vision of young professionals. HYPE provides insight into issues that matter to people early in their careers, which is important to us both as an employer and as a health plan trying to meet the needs of young health care consumers.

HYPE has been a leader in supporting business initiatives ranging from the pilot of a new social collaboration tool for associates to usability testing on the Provider Finder and offering feedback to improve these tools. Every year, the group holds webinars and leadership panels about business acumen and career and leadership development.

Hispanic/Latino Associate Network »

The vision of SOMOS—which in Spanish means “we are”—is to create a work environment that attracts Hispanic associates, increases awareness of health care disparities affecting Hispanics, and helps identify and develop products and services that are culturally aligned with the needs of Hispanic consumers.

SOMOS plays an important role in efforts to increase our outreach to Hispanic consumers, and it has helped develop culturally appropriate content for educational health and wellness materials and websites. Anthem’s Health Equities bilingual portal was honored with a Bronze Web Health Award from the Health Information Resource Center. In recent years, SOMOS received Modern Healthcare magazine’s Spirit of Excellence Team Award for its involvement in educating and empowering Anthem’s Hispanic consumers.

SOMOS also partners with Anthem’s talent acquisition team to strengthen the organization’s relationship with Prospanica, as well as Prospanica’s local chapters, which prepare Hispanics for leadership roles and promote cultural awareness and competency. SOMOS members volunteer with community organizations that serve Hispanics throughout the U.S., such as the American Diabetes Association.

Veteran's Organization of Anthem »

VOA works to enhance Anthem’s ability to recruit, retain, and develop associates with prior military service who bring unique experiences and skills that can be a competitive advantage for our company.

Anthem is committed to pursuing the talents of individuals returning from military service and recognizes that they bring unique experiences and skills that can be a competitive advantage for our organization. In order to actively recruit veterans, VOA members collaborate with our talent acquisition team on career events such as RecruitMilitary, the Wright Patterson Air Force Base Workshop/Recruit event in Dayton, OH, and virtual career fairs with other military sourcing firms. This ARG also educates managers, leaders, and recruiters about the unique aspects of attracting and employing military veterans as well as military families—for example, how to “translate” military resumes, and what challenges veterans may need to overcome to adapt and succeed in a corporate environment, including issues such as post-traumatic stress disorder.

VOA is committed to supporting U.S. troops. In the last few years, it has led an internal holiday season campaign to send care packages and cards to associates’ friends and family members serving overseas. VOA also promotes and strengthens Anthem’s sponsorship of the Wounded Warrior Disabled Sports Project and Disabled Sports USA.

Working @ Anthem in a Virtual Environment »

W@VE, the newest addition to Anthem’s ARG community, is made up of associates who telecommute, managers of virtual teams, and any Anthem associates looking to maximize working relationships, personal effectiveness, and professional development in a virtual environment.

W@VE’s mission is to help Anthem leverage the talents, ideas, and contributions of virtual associates by promoting a workplace culture, systems, processes, and practices that actively engage, develop, and advance its virtual workforce. The group partners with different areas of the organization—such as human resources and information technology—to promote the engagement of associates who work remotely, mainly from their homes; it offers insight and feedback on existing initiatives that contribute to developing a successful and sustainable strategy for our virtual workforce. On a regular basis this ARG hosts webinars about effective communication skills, best practices for being “visible” in a virtual environment, maximizing technology for developing a virtual presence, and managing other challenges faced by associates who work remotely.

Women’s Inspired Network »

WIN promotes women’s leadership development and advancement and a culture that values personal and professional well-being.

WIN’s purpose is to increase the representation of women in leadership roles and promote a workplace culture that attracts, retains, develops, and advances women, providing them with tools, information, and resources to further their personal and professional well-being. Its activities center on career development, networking and mentoring, increasing business acumen, and promoting total health. WIN conducts regular webinar sessions, panel discussions, and book clubs to help associates navigate their careers in the changing corporate environment and understand the unwritten rules of the workplace.

WIN’s signature event is the February Heart Healthy You Campaign, which promotes prevention of heart disease in women. In 2014 WIN partnered with the American Heart Association to deliver hands-only CPR training to hundreds of associates. Additional activities throughout the month, from Wear Red Hat Day to Walk with WIN, have engaged many others.



Aiming to Improve

Our ANGLE associate resource group teamed with Multicultural Health Programs to develop a free online resource, Creating an LGBT-Friendly Practice, offering strategies to enhance physician-patient interactions.

Visit www.anthem.com/lgbt



Developing Diverse and Inclusive Leaders

Reaching diversity balance in our leadership ranks requires us to be intentional about developing future leaders who reflect the diversity of our communities and our consumers. We are proud of our overall diversity and we continue to challenge ourselves to do more.

By implementing a robust succession-planning process that drives conversations and decisions on how to strategically position and promote talent through our leadership ranks, we also ensure we are providing development opportunities to a diverse group of individuals with the potential to advance and lead our business.

Anthem has several signature leadership development programs aimed at individuals at different stages in their leadership journey, starting with aspiring leaders up to senior executives. They prepare our highest potential associates and leaders for the advanced business challenges they face as they progress into more senior roles. Participation of minorities and women in these programs is closely monitored as we seek to increase diversity of background, thought, and experience in our leadership ranks.

One of these programs, now in its third year, gives a group of mid-level minority leaders access to mentoring, sponsorship and business insight to help fine-tune leadership skills and give them exposure to leadership networks, thus increasing opportunities for growth. This 12-month program was developed in partnership with the SOAR™ organization.

Fostering leadership behaviors that sustain a culture of inclusion is a key area of focus in leadership education. In the last couple of years, Anthem has been delivering programs about mitigating unconscious bias in decisions that impact how we hire, advance, develop and evaluate associates. Raising awareness is an important aspect of this work along with helping leaders challenge and enhance existing processes and practices in order to make more effective decisions based on relevant data, facts and information.

Pay Equity

Anthem’s commitment to offering all associates an environment of inclusion and equitable opportunities to develop their careers and advance in our organization extends to our compensation philosophy and pay practices. The role an associate holds, their demonstrated performance, experience and geographic location are the primary drivers of our compensation programs – not gender or ethnicity.

Being a leader in diversity and inclusion is a result of a sustained commitment and our willingness to challenge ourselves to continue to look for improvement opportunities. We recently partnered with an independent third party to conduct a complex gender pay equity analysis that confirmed that, overall, the factors mentioned above are the main predictors of annual pay at Anthem. To prevent unexplained pay gaps and ensure Anthem remains as a champion of pay equity for all associates, we will continue to monitor our pay practices and will diligently address any cases that may not be explained by objective factors.

Developing Cultural Competence

As the demographics of our country and the makeup of our consumers continue to change, Anthem recognizes the importance of raising internal awareness about how cultural backgrounds and diversity of experiences may impact the needs and expectations of our consumers around health and healthcare.

It is our expectation at Anthem that associates perform their roles in a culturally competent way. In 2015 and 2016, almost 100 percent of Anthem associates completed Becoming Culturally Competent, an eLearning program designed to educate our organization on topics such as unconscious bias, self-awareness, cultural competency and inclusion in the context of Anthem’s culture, business and work environment. Developed in partnership with our Associate Resource Groups, Becoming Culturally Competent showcases inclusive behaviors that can help our associates maximize working relationships, as well interactions with consumers and business partners. The program encourages associates to approach work and interactions in a culturally competent way, not only to better understand those we work with and those we serve, but also to deliver business solutions that resonate with our diverse consumers and address their needs and expectations. This eLearning is a required course for all new Anthem associates.

In addition, the diversity and inclusion team delivers programs, tools and resources to educate our leaders on how to mitigate the impact of unconscious bias in talent decisions. Online educational offerings also include a variety of diversity-related topics such as hiring veterans, disability etiquette, LGBT cultural competency, health care disparities, and career and leadership development.