Associate Volunteerism

At Anthem, we believe that giving back to the community is not only a privilege; it's a responsibility. Year-round, associates contribute time, energy and resources to food banks, blood drives, health and vision screenings and a multitude of volunteer services. Anthem supports associate engagement at eligible 501(c)(3) charities through the following programs:

Associate Giving Program

Year-round, Anthem associates give generously to health-related nonprofit organizations across the country through our Associate Giving Program, with a 50 percent match from the Anthem Foundation.

In 2017, associates gave about $2.7 million to support nonprofit organizations through the company's Associate Giving Program. Paired with matching donations from the Anthem Foundation, that total rose to $4.6 million.

As part of the Associate Giving Program, associates can also choose to donate to the Anthem Cares Fund and help colleagues in need of financial assistance because of qualified disasters or personal hardship.

Dollars for Doers

The Dollars for Doers program encourages year-round associate volunteerism—and helps associates’ commitment to their communities even further by providing grants to eligible organizations where the volunteer service is completed. In 2017, our associates logged nearly 56,000 hours!

Volunteer Time Off

Anthem offers volunteer time off to make it easier for associates to support organizations that are important to them. Because many volunteer opportunities occur during work hours, allowing full-time associates to use volunteer time off enables more of them to volunteer in their communities. Eligible associates receive up to eight hours of paid volunteer time off to be used to volunteer at qualified charities of their choice.

Volunteer Recognition Program

By inviting Anthem associates to share their volunteer stories and personal reasons for giving back to their communities, as well as nominating their colleagues who are going above and beyond, each quarter the Anthem Foundation selects one grand prize winner who exemplifies our value of Caring for Our Communities. The Volunteer Recognition Program winner gets to choose an eligible charity in which the Foundation will award a special grant.

Anthem Volunteer Days

Building on Anthem’s year-round commitment to caring for its communities, in 2017, more than 6,500 associates nationwide rolled up their sleeves to support Anthem Volunteer Days - the company’s month of service in October. In partnership with the Lions Club, our Anthem volunteer racked up more than 20,000 volunteer hours!

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Military Giving Program

Since 2009, Anthem has made contributions on behalf of our associates to the USO (United Service Organizations), which offers assistance to military personnel.